Road Warrior

New Handicap Rating Program for Runners

f you could run a race of any distance, knowing that others in the race were younger and faster, would you enter the race knowing you have a chance of winning or placing in a category? Yes you would! How cool would that be to tell friends that you won something?!

The “Road Warrior Running” Program gives you that opportunity to win or place in a category at many Ontario running races. Races with this designation offer an extra category of prizing for ALL runners –  slow, medium or fast –to  have a chance of winning. How so?

The “Road Warrior Running” Program is a way of letting men and women, young and old, run ‘virtually’ against each other, to compete as if they all have the same running ability (like a golf handicap). This is a new category at races so no matter if your fast friends do well in their age groups, you have as much a chance as they do and win prizes in the Road Warrior category.

Interested in joining the “Road Warrior Running” Program? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for free as a Road Warrior and receive a Road Warrior ID number.
  3. Enter any “Road Warrior Running”-designated race and use your new Road Warrior ID number when you register for races so that you can be awarded points.

It’s easy… join, race and go for bragging rights!

An initiative of Athletics Ontario and Eveque. Supported by Trillium Foundation &

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