Training Program

“You can do it, join in the marathon run on the street named by Guiness as “the longest street in the world”. From start to finish, the GoodLife Toronto Marathon profiles the diverse culture of Canada’s largest city. The course boasts cool temperatures, a negative drop in elevation with very few turns making this Toronto Marathon a favourite Boston qualifier.”

– John Stanton, Founder and President, The Running Room


The Running Room training program is ideal for those interested in completing a 5K to a marathon. This 13-week program will help you achieve your goal without excessive training or recovery. For further information please call your local Running Room.

2008 Interview with John Stanton, Running Room

Running Room Friendship Run

Come meet the Running Room pace bunnies and go for a short run to ease nervous tensions.  Refreshments will be served.  Meet at the newest Running Room location at 53 Yonge Street on Saturday, May 2nd at 9:00AM.

Pace Rabbits

Pace Rabbits are provided by The Running Room – look for the Bunny Ears on the course. Completion times will correspond to bib numbers.


If you are interested in participating as a Pace Rabbit, please send an email to and provide the time that you are capable of finishing.


  • 1:30 continuous
  • 1:45 continuous
  • 2:00 continuous
  • 2:00 (10 min run: 1 min walk)
  • 2:15 10:1
  • 2:30 10:1
  • 2:45 10:1


  • 3:10 continuous
  • 3:15 continuous
  • 3:30 continuous
  • 3:40 continuous
  • 3:45 continuous
  • 3:45 (10 min run: 1 min walk)
  • 4:00 10:1
  • 4:15 10:1
  • 4:30 10:1
  • 4:45 10:1
  • 5:00 10:1

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