Aid Stations

Aid stations supplying water, Gatorade and toilets will be on course approximately every 2.5 km and Start and Finish Lines.  If you are in distress, please inform a race official immediately.

Number Km  Water Gatorade Gels Group
1 Start Water Gatorade B’nai Brith
2 3k Water North York Rotary
3 5k Water Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
4 7k Water Gatorade B’nai Brith
5 10k Water Gatorade Mount Sinai Health Foundation
6 12.5k Bananas Bishop Strachan School
7 13k Water Bishop Strachan School
8 10k(Half) Water Clif Gels Heart & Stroke Foundation
9 15k Water Gatorade Clif Gels Front Runners
10 17k Water Gatorade Team Diabetes
11 20k Water Leaside Wildcats
12 23k Water Gatorade Running Room
13 25k Water SickKids Foundation
14 26k Water Race Crew
15 28k/41k Water Gatorade Clif Gels High Park Rogue Runners
16 30k/40k Water Gatorade Athletics Ontario
17 33k Water Gatorade St. Mike’s Catholic Secondary School
18 Finish Water Gatorade Race Crew