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Volunteer registration for the 2018 Toronto Marathon is now open!


Thank You!

A big Thank You to all those who volunteer with us.
It’s your continued support that is integral to our success and a great participant experience!

Volunteer Guidelines
Please take the time to read this information thoroughly.

1. Waiver: All volunteers must sign our waiver when submitting your application.

2. Personal Belongings: It is your responsibility to keep your valuables safe. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

3. Volunteer Shirt: A shirt, hat or safety vest will be provided to you when you check in. It must be worn during your shift for identification.

4. Dress: Check the weather. Since Toronto is known for having four seasons in a day; it’s recommended that you check before your shift and dress appropriately. Remember that the event goes rain or shine and our participants are depending on you.

5. Please be on Time: Scheduled shifts work around road closures and race times and being late will interrupt the event, and could jeopardize participant safety.

6. Age Requirement: We recommend those under 14 come with a parent or guardian. Those between 14-16 should come with a friend.

7. Have Fun! Your smiles are what creates the perfect environment for the participants. Great customer service is what we strive for.