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Volunteer registration for the 2017 Toronto Marathon is now open!

Thank You 2016 Volunteers!

A big Thank You to all those who were involved in the 2016 Toronto Marathon. Over 1000 volunteers helped our runners cross the Finish Line!

It’s your continued support that makes our event a great success every year!

Volunteer Guidelines
All Volunteers must read the Volunteer Guidelines. All information is important for the success of the Toronto Marathon.

1. Volunteer Waiver. If you register online, you will have to sign a waiver before you submit your application. Otherwise, we will have waivers at each volunteer area during your shift. All volunteers must sign a waiver.

2. Personal Belongings. We do not suggest bringing personal belongings. It is your responsibility to keep your valuables safe. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

3. Volunteer T-Shirt. A volunteer T-shirt will be given to you when you check in. Make sure you wear it during your shift so that event officials, participants, spectators, and other volunteers can identify you.

4. Dress Appropriately. On the day of your shift, please check the weather. Since Toronto is known for practically having four seasons in a day, it’s recommended that you check before your shift. Also, closed-toed shoes are required. No open-toed shoes are allowed.

5. Please be on Time. Being on time is important for the success of our event. Scheduled shifts work around road closures and race times so being late will interrupt the whole event.

6. Age Requirement. We recommend those who are under 14 to come with a parent or guardian. Those between 14-16 should come with a friend.

7. Have Fun! Your smiles are what creates the perfect environment for the participants. Great customer service is what we strive for.