The Toronto Marathon and related events continues to strive to be greener and is committed to using the best practices to reduce the environmental impact of our events.

GO with a Green Bib

When registering, participants have the option to opt-out of receiving a shirt to reduce their environmental impact. Funds normally used to purchase this item, will be donated to one of our charities. Please choose this option at time of registration.


The Toronto Marathon has led the way for many years in our efforts to cut our environmental impact by reducing our packaging and recycling. All our packaging and cups are sorted for recycling or composting along with our organic waste. We cut our use of mylar blankets beginning in 2006, and did away with plastic bags for our shirts, medals, and at our race kit pick-up. Runners attending the expo are asked to bring their own bag for race swag.

A key factor in all our purchasing is the recyclability or compostability of the products we use at our events.

Our office went virtual in 2013 to reduce our commute, and we have reduced the number of race week vehicles that we use with continued efforts to use electric or hybrid electric vehicles when possible. Leftover food has been donated to local food initiatives since 1995, and leftover medals have been sent for recycling since 1996.

In 2000, we began using only water from fire hydrants along our course. Toronto is well known for the quality of our water and we are grateful that we have a safe, and reliable source to provide for our participants. By doing this we have reduced the need for delivery of water by trucks, and the use of plastic water bottles.


We were one of the first events to use online registration using our own system developed in 1997. We no longer accept paper registrations as all entries must be completed online. We have never printed an event program or guide as event information including excellent interactive maps are available on our website.

We urge our participants to follow us on our social media for the latest event information and updates. It remains the best way to stay in the loop, and all without the need of printed paper.

Getting Around from Expo to Race Day

Though our events begin at two main start/staging areas; all start areas are easily accessible by public transit. The subway does not start until 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, but surface transportation is available. A shuttle service is available for participants in the marathon and half marathon from two pick-up points in downtown Toronto to the start area at Yonge and Sheppard. All events finish at Exhibition Place. Accessibility by public transit, and proximity to bike routes allows for the greatest number of participants and spectators to access our event.