Baggage Check

Bag check is available for all participants. Marathon and Half Marathon participants may check their bags at the trucks located just south of Mel Lastman Square on the south side of North York Blvd. Marathon participants MUST check their bag by 7:00 AM. Half Marathon participants MUST check their bag by 7:45 AM. If you miss these times, your bag will NOT be transported to our finish area.

Bag Check for 10K participants will be located near Budd Sugarman Park. Bags MUST be checked by 6:50 AM.

Bag check for 5K Run and Walk participants will be located at the west end of the finish area.

Please bring your own bag if you wish to check items before the race. Attach the tag provided on the bottom of your bib to your bag for proper identification. Do not pack valuables. Your bag will be waiting for you at the west end of the finish area. We strongly suggest that you pay attention to the weather, and pack clothes accordingly. It’s a good idea to pack your change of clothes in a plastic bag and then insert it into your bag, just in case it’s raining. Be vigilant! Should you notice anything suspicious, notify a race official or police immediately.